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Ouroboros Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
Keywords: Minecraft; Notch
Downloads: 7
[audio]Avian Influenza
This Penny and Jenny's midterm project
Keywords: Top Notch
Downloads: 60
[texts]Top-Notch Comics 06 - MLJ/Archie Comics
Top-Notch Comics 06
Keywords: Top-Notch Comics 06
Downloads: 111
[texts]Top-Notch Comics 05 - MLJ/Archie Comics
Top-Notch Comics 05
Keywords: Top-Notch Comics 05
Downloads: 133
[texts]mojang.com-notch-panicgrab-20140912 - mojang.com/notch
This is a panic grab of mojang.com/notch as of September 12, 2014.
Keywords: archiveteam; mojang; notch; minecraft; mojang.com; mojang.com/notch
Downloads: 11
[audio]Kickin' It Up a Notch - Pastor Jackie Thompson
Sermon Audio from Grace United Methodist Church on February 2, 2014Pastor Jackie Thompson
Keywords: sermon; thompson; kickin; kicking; notch
Downloads: 2
[texts]Top-Notch Comics 04 (1940) - MLJ/Archie Comics
Top-Notch Comics 04 (1940)
Keywords: Top-Notch Comics 04 (1940)
Downloads: 94
[texts]Top-Notch Comics 02- (1940) - MLJ/Archie Comics
Top-Notch Comics 02 (1940)
Keywords: Top-Notch Comics 02 (1940)
Downloads: 102
[texts]Top-Notch Comics 19 (1941) - MLJ/Archie Comics
Top-Notch Comics 19 (1941)
Keywords: Top-Notch Comics 19 (1941)
Downloads: 100
[texts]Top-Notch Comics 13 (1941) - MLJ/Archie Comics
Top-Notch Comics 13 (1941)
Keywords: Top-Notch Comics 13 (1941)
Downloads: 91
[texts]Top-Notch Comics 03- (1940) - MLJ/Archie Comics
Top-Notch Comics 03 (1940)
Keywords: Top-Notch Comics 03 (1940)
Downloads: 91
[texts]Top-Notch Comics 09 (1940) - MLJ/Archie Comics
Top-Notch Comics 09 (1940)
Keywords: Top-Notch Comics 09 (1940)
Downloads: 95
[texts]Top-Notch Comics 21 (1941) - MLJ/Archie Comics
Top-Notch Comics 21 (1941)
Keywords: Top-Notch Comics 21 (1941)
Downloads: 85
[texts]Top-Notch Comics 16 (1941) - MLJ/Archie Comics
Top-Notch Comics 16 (1941)
Keywords: Top-Notch Comics 16 (1941)
Downloads: 97
[texts]Top-Notch Comics 24 (1942) - MLJ/Archie Comics
Top-Notch Comics 24 (1942)
Keywords: Top-Notch Comics 24 (1942)
Downloads: 99
[texts]Top-Notch Comics 18 (1941) - MLJ/Archie Comics
Top-Notch Comics 18 (1941)
Keywords: Top-Notch Comics 18 (1941)
Downloads: 123
[texts]Top-Notch Comics 23 (1942) - MLJ/Archie Comics
Top-Notch Comics 23 (1942)
Keywords: Top-Notch Comics 23 (1942)
Downloads: 147
[texts]Top-Notch Comics 14 (1941) - MLJ/Archie Comics
Top-Notch Comics 14 (1941)
Keywords: Top-Notch Comics 14 (1941)
Downloads: 170
[texts]Top-Notch Comics 08 (1940) - MLJ/Archie Comics
Top-Notch Comics 08 (1940)
Keywords: Top-Notch Comics 08 (1940)
Downloads: 103
[texts]Top-Notch Comics 12 (1941) - MLJ/Archie Comics
Top-Notch Comics 12 (1941)
Keywords: Top-Notch Comics 12 (1941)
Downloads: 134
[texts]Top-Notch Comics 20 (1941) - MLJ/Archie Comics
Top-Notch Comics 20 (1941)
Keywords: Top-Notch Comics 20 (1941)
Downloads: 153
[texts]Top-Notch Comics 25 (1942) - MLJ/Archie Comics
Top-Notch Comics 25 (1942)
Keywords: Top-Notch Comics 25 (1942)
Downloads: 118
[texts]Top-Notch Comics 22 (1941) - MLJ/Archie Comics
Top-Notch Comics 22 (1941)
Keywords: Top-Notch Comics 22 (1941)
Downloads: 107
[texts]Top-Notch Comics 10 (1940) - MLJ/Archie Comics
Top-Notch Comics 10 (1940)
Keywords: Top-Notch Comics 10 (1940)
Downloads: 81
[texts]Top-Notch Comics 07 (1940) - MLJ/Archie Comics
Top-Notch Comics 07 (1940)
Keywords: Top-Notch Comics 07 (1940)
Downloads: 111
[texts]Top-Notch Comics 17 (1941) - MLJ/Archie Comics
Top-Notch Comics 17 (1941)
Keywords: Top-Notch Comics 17 (1941)
Downloads: 123
[texts]Top-Notch Comics 15 (1941) - MLJ/Archie Comics
Top-Notch Comics 15 (1941)
Keywords: Top-Notch Comics 15 (1941)
Downloads: 100
[texts]Top-Notch Comics 01 -(1939) - MLJ/Archie Comics
Top-Notch Comics 01 (1939)
Keywords: Top-Notch Comics 01 (1939)
Downloads: 110
[texts]Top-Notch Comics 26 (1942) - MLJ/Archie Comics
Top-Notch Comics 26 (1942)
Keywords: Top-Notch Comics 26 (1942)
Downloads: 93
[texts]Top-Notch Comics 11 (1941) - MLJ/Archie Comics
Top-Notch Comics 11 (1941)
Keywords: Top-Notch Comics 11 (1941)
Downloads: 118
[texts]BSTJ 61: 9. November 1982: A Statistical Model of Multipath Fading on a Space-Diversity Radio Channel. (Rummler, W.D.)
Bell System Technical Journal, 61: 9. November 1982 pp 2185-2219. A Statistical Model of Multipath Fading on a Space-Diversity Radio Channel. (Rummler, W.D.)
Keywords: fading; notch; multipath; distribution; dish; frequency; data; horn; model; function; dish notch; probability density; multipath fading; bell system; data base; relative notch; horn notch; system technical; notch depth; notch frequency
Downloads: 51
[texts]Folkscanomy Electronics Articles: The Magical Audio Filter
Folkscanomy Electronics Articles: The Magical Audio Filter
Keywords: circuit; peaking; notch; tool; capacitors; frequency; resistor; wire; resistors; perfboard; notch filter; wire side; peaking circuit; notch frequency
Downloads: 96
[audio]Now With Added Estrogen - www.crazy-fools.co.uk
It's podcast time! Your favourite Minecraft Podcast is back, and we've brought the women! Well, one woman, to be precise. Andias steals the intro in a podcast where we talk about what games/events we'd like to see in Minecraft, try to work out what to get the donator who has everything (if they win a competition), and get real deep and mature about the topic of multiplayer age restrictions.
Keywords: Minecraft; Mojang; Crazy Fools; SMP; Notch; Jeb
Downloads: 300
[audio]CFUK Outtakes Special - www.crazy-fools.co.uk
In honour of April Fools day, we've put together a short "Outtakes" Special podcast to fill in the week between shows.
Keywords: Minecraft; Mojang; Crazy Fools; SMP; Notch; Jeb
Downloads: 321
[audio]CFMP 15 - CFMP Uncut! - www.crazy-fools.co.uk
As an experiment, this weekâs podcast is unedited! (There is swearing). Let me know if you prefer the edited ones. We cover snapshot 12w25a, the Spleef World Tournament, and talk about more things weâd like to see in Minecraft. Joining beagrie, Qotsa_101, Shadoxkiller and sekoj this week are Yama26, Psychosis86, and Drewschon.
Keywords: Minecraft; Mojang; Notch; Jeb; Crazy Fools; SMP
Downloads: 89
[audio]The Crazy Fools Minecraft Podcast Open Mic Special - www.crazy-fools.co.uk
For this one-off special, we decided to grab a few players from the server and just talk about Minecraft. Slash cut to thirty minutes of barely coherent jibber jabber. Still, we had fun with the sound board...
Keywords: Minecraft; Notch; Jeb; Crazy Fools; CFUK; SMP
Downloads: 313
[etree]The Aerolites Live at Brewster River Pub and Grill on 2012-12-31 - The Aerolites
he Aerolites - Live At The Brewster River Pub and Grill - Jeffersonville, VT 12/31/2012 SET 1 Angels in Section C, Fighter Jets, Groove Nation-> Wasted Sounds, What about me, Mr Frost-> Quagmire, Hard Hard Hard-> Clyde-> MDMA-> Jericho SET 2 1. Flowers-> Raging Bull-> Magic Drop-> Auld Lang Syne-> Deception, Sunny Day-> The End-> Have you read the news-> Lonesome Highway-> Electric Cigarette-> Happiness-> GO-> War Sucks, Ticket, Uptown Johnny, Queen of the Evergreen, Powder Pills Jeremy Harple, ...
Keywords: New years eve; smugglers notch; vermont; music
Downloads: 115 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]CFMP 18 - Train Wreck - www.crazy-fools.co.uk
The regular hosts are dropping like flies as this weeks show is without sekoj OR beagrie. Thereâs some Xbox news, plenty of server talk, and a discussion on what tweaks would be nice in Minecraft. Also, a game of Guess the Item. Shadoxkiller takes over hosting duties this week, joined, as ever, by Qotsa_101, along with oldmanrob, Psychosis, Soul_uk, and Theakman.
Keywords: Minecraft; Mojang; Notch; Jeb; Crazy Fools; SMP
Downloads: 87
[audio]CFMP 19 - What is Daisy? - www.crazy-fools.co.uk
In a week where most of the podcasters have played very little Minecraft, we bring you 30 minutes of losing track and DayZ talk. We do also manage a bit of news and a discussion on Minecraft inspired games. Beagrie is back in the hosting seat, joined by Qotsa_101, Shadoxkiller, Oldmanrob, Yama26, Soul_UK, Michael_Scott, and Sekoj.
Keywords: Minecraft; Mojang; Notch; Jeb; Crazy Fools; SMP
Downloads: 101
[audio]CFMP 20 - Technical Difficulties - www.crazy-fools.co.uk
Itâs a week of problems in podcast land. Beagrie starts the podcast drunk, and ends it with a broken mic. Sekojâs internet dies, and Shadoxâs brain does likewise. Still we soldiered through to talk about Minecraft and the upcoming 1.3 update. So there. Shadoxkiller hosts, joined as always, by Qotsa_101. Beagrie is kind of there, and Sekoj says hello (but not much else). Yama26 brings the female perspective, and Discharge sits quietly in the corner.
Keywords: Minecraft; Mojang; Notch; Jeb; Crazy Fools; SMP
Downloads: 37
[texts]Top-Notch Laugh Comics 29 (1942) - MLJ/Archie Comics
Top-Notch Laugh Comics 29 (1942)
Keywords: Top-Notch Laugh Comics 29 (1942)
Downloads: 90
HOW TO LOCATE TOP NOTCH SYDNEY ESCORTSSource(S): http:// www.priveescorts.com.au
Downloads: 2
[audio]CFMP 9 - More CFUK! - www.crazy-fools.co.uk
It's a CFUK Special! Well, there's more CFUK talk than usual, anyway. We cover all the usual newsy type things, talk about the latest goings on in Crazy Fools, and debate how well we treat newcomers. Making his first podcast appearance on this show is KillapleX, as well as perennial favourites, Qotsa, Beagrie, Sekoj, and CFMP's very own STI, Dirtyoldmanrob!
Keywords: Minecraft; Mojang; Notch; Jeb; Crazy Fools; SMP
Downloads: 238
[audio]CFMP 7 - Rip Off - www.crazy-fools.co.uk
The team are back for podcast #7, and we have lots to talk about. Including a new Minecraft "inspired" game, and whether such games are simply rip offs, and the fact that you can now buy Minecraft in real shops! Many apologies for my mic in this one, far too loud. Joining Beagrie and Qotsa this week is Shadoxkiller, Oldmanrob, and Matcheww.
Keywords: Mojang; Jeb; Notch; Minecraft; Crazy Fools; SMP
Downloads: 276
[texts]Top-Notch Laugh Comics 44 (1944) - MLJ/Archie Comics
Top-Notch Laugh Comics 44 (1944)
Keywords: Top-Notch Laugh Comics 44 (1944)
Downloads: 90
[texts]Top-Notch Laugh Comics 43 (1944) - MLJ/Archie Comics
Top-Notch Laugh Comics 43 (1944)
Keywords: Top-Notch Laugh Comics 43 (1944)
Downloads: 96
[audio]CFMP 13 - You're Probably The Arse - www.crazy-fools.co.uk
Weâre back (despite iTunes related technical issues) to bring you another does of Minecrafty goodness. Thereâs a new snapshot, an update to MCX360, and not much else. So we talk about Minecraft etiquette, and what constitutes âbeing an arseâ. The usual crowd are here, with Beagrie, Qotsa, Shadoxkiller and Sekoj all making an appearance, as well as a surprise appearance from eatturnip and, arguably more impressive, Broonie himself!
Keywords: Minecraft; Mojang; Notch; Jeb; Crazy Fools; SMP
Downloads: 154
[audio]CFMP 11 - Thank You, Q's Mum - www.crazy-fools.co.uk
MCX360 continues to make headlines (for all the wrong reasons), and the Xbox haters continue to hate. We talk about some of the cool competitive build projects going on on the server right now, as well as a brief discussion on mini-games in Minecraft that quickly turns into a seminar on how great Teamspeak is! Sekoj had some technical difficulties this week, but joining Beagrie, Qotsa and Shadoxkiller this week are Dirtyoldmanrob, Stevetaz, and, in her first appearance, Yama26.
Keywords: Minecraft; Mojang; Notch; Jeb; Crazy Fools; SMP
Downloads: 65
[texts]Top-Notch Laugh Comics 31 (1942) - MLJ/Archie Comics
Top-Notch Laugh Comics 31 (1942)
Keywords: Top-Notch Laugh Comics 31 (1942)
Downloads: 77
[texts]Top-Notch Laugh Comics 32 (1943) - MLJ/Archie Comics
Top-Notch Laugh Comics 32 (1943)
Keywords: Top-Notch Laugh Comics 32 (1943)
Downloads: 129
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